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Solving Unique Problems through Dedicated Engineering


Solving Unique Problems through Dedicated Engineering


How We Help You Stay Competitive

  • Composites engineering experts
  • Custom carbon fiber product manufacturing
  • Partnerships with our customers
  1. Provide access to great minds
    Founded by entrepreneurs with decades of experience in the aerospace arena, Rock West Composites is committed to empowering our people and giving our clients access to their talents and insight.
  2. Solve problems efficiently
    Finding creative solutions to our customers unique problems is paramount to making them successful. And remaining transparent throughout the process ensures an efficient outcome.
  3. Build long term relationships
    Our commitment to our customers success means maintaining a strong financial base and providing our clients with solutions that fit their needs now and in the future.
Facebook Reflector Dish
On a personal note, I can’t begin to explain to you how satisfying it is to have RF engineers arguing over how good our reflector is! Absolutely amazing job and couldn’t be happier with the support that we received from the Rock West team that was involved!

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Are you interested in doing a project with composites but not sure exactly where to start? Perhaps you know what you want to do but just want a kit to get you going? We've got the solution! Get started on your own project with our new Wet Layup Starter Kits. We have two sizes available depending on the size of your project and your level of experience. We recommend everyone have a well-ventilated workspace, a work surface that is protected from damage or will not be harmed by potential epoxy resin spills, and as always safety glasses (not included). The small wet layup kit includes carbon ... Read more