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  1. Rock West Marine Now Supplying OEMs

    Rock West Marine Now Supplying OEMs

    Since the reformation of Rock West Composites Marine Division in August of 2021, we have received orders from two proven, trustworthy brands within diving’s Spearfishing market sector. Rock West is now a proud supplier of pole spear and dive fin components to these high profile, reputable OEMs. Late last year, Rock West Marine was approached by one of the largest high-end pole spear brands to develop precision tubes to their brand requirements. We received a paid development order to make specific, same diameter roll wrapped and filament wound composite tubes to perform a head-to-head comparison study. As part of their qualification process, our customer ordered enough sample tubes to perform field testing with their professional staff and athletes. Both field tests and static lab tests were run in parallel. Our customer diligently evaluated performance before choosing the optimal solution and then placed a second small production order with RW early this year 2022. Our Read more...

Radome Testing in our In-House RF Test Chamber

At Rock West’s new headquarters, we have an RF test lab to support our many radome, antenna, and integrated RF structure programs. Recently we had a radome that required physical characterization of performance as part of its testing and verification plan. For this particular program, the radome provides high-performance, low loss protection for modern radar equipment. It has both military and commercial applications and is built under the support of solution provider R4 Integration, Inc. The radome is a multi-layer sandwich construction using low dielectric materials that are


Our 15th Anniversary

Rock West has been in business for 15 years! The business was started by Jim Gormican and Keith Loss, two former colleagues, who decided to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor together in Jim’s garage in late 2006. Since then, Rock West has grown into a business with four locations and nearly 200 people. From the Garage to the New Headquarters in 15 Years The initial work was centered around aerospace engineering and the commercialization of carbon fiber composites, which had been historically expensive, too expensive to use beyond specific, highly demanding applications. The


New Products: G10 Fiberglass Plate and Expanded High Temperature Plate Selection

We're always adding to things to our store to provide our customers more options. Here are some brand new additions. EXPANDED HIGH TEMP PLATES We are expanding our high temperature plate selection with new thinner options. We've added 0.060” and 0.125” to the lineup but still offer 0.250” and 0.500” if you require thicker plate. These are press cured, balanced carbon fiber & epoxy resin prepreg laminates. The laminate plates (panels) are made with a nylon (green) peel ply co-cured on both outer surfaces of the laminate, which can be removed before application. It can be used


Test Driving at the Fastest Race Track on Earth

Several of our team members are into racing and not just as spectators. Some even go out to test their metal at what is billed as the “fastest racetrack on earth,” the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. One of the Rock West team, Nick Montoya, is part of a local group, Bean Bandits Racing Team Est. 1949, and has raced with them for five years. He has worked on cars since he was a kid and raced at Bonneville before, but in 2021 he joined the Bean Bandits team at the famous track to test a car they built. Nick said, “We built this car from scratch in Barrio Logan in San Diego. The body is


A Day in the Life… Quarterly Meetings

Working at Rock West is always fun, but sometimes challenging because we are a rapidly growing business. One of the strategies we use to help our team succeed and address challenges is to treat every employee like a business owner, which they are. Today we had our quarterly meeting which covers our company’s financials and business direction. We celebrate our successes, recognize key contributors, discuss our challenges, and review our plans to maximize growth. Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation to clarify information or better understand the "why"