Facilities & Equipment

Extensive composite manufacturing facilities ◾ Organized production cells for maximum efficiency ◾ Locations include Utah and the CaliBaja Mega Region

Rock West Composites’ facilities are located in San Diego, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. These venues are ideally suited to the manufacture of products made from carbon fiber composite materials. With a history of aerospace and commercial composites production, both Southern California and Utah provide the necessary talent pool, manufacturing infrastructure, and customer base that creates a healthy environment for our company. Our Baja operation provides globally competitive manufacturing options for specific projects.

Our Composites Manufacturing Facilities

Our new San Diego location has 107,000 sq ft. and is home to the corporate offices, as well as engineering and manufacturing space. It is more than triple the size of our former location and has an adaptive infrastructure that allows for rapid refitting of manufacturing areas to accommodate new program requirements. Our Salt Lake City manufacturing facility is located in a 66,000 sq. ft. building with offices, engineering and manufacturing space. Our plant in Baja California has 17,000 square feet of offices and manufacturing space. Read more about our individual facilities below.

Composites Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

In order to maximize efficiencies and provide the best product possible to our customers, we organize our business around manufacturing specialties. When we manage our programs, we will implement across facilities as appropriate to make sure we take advantage of specialized skill sets in our different locations. Here are some highlights of what we do.


Filament Winding

Our Salt Lake City facility has an entire 20,000 sq ft manufacturing bay dedicated to this process, including wet tow and tow-preg winding, accommodating tubes in lengths up to 22 ft and diameters up to 30 inches. We have custom resin mixing and dispensing systems for precise resin mix ratios to assure mixing accuracy and consistency. Co-located for improved efficiency are several ovens, an extended length hydraulic mandrel extractor, and mandrel storage.


Machining for Complex Shapes

Our San Diego facility has multiple CNC machines facilitating hardware and tooling production. This includes a 5-axis machine with 5’ x 10’ x 4’ of useable volume for working on composites and other non-ferrous materials. This in-house capability offers a strategic cost advantage through significant risk mitigation and labor efficiencies.


Low Cost Manufacturing

Some programs require an extensive amount of hands-on labor. Our Baja California manufacturing facility was established to help keep costs down for specific types of high volume jobs that also involve high touch labor. For programs that require roll wrapping, resin infusion, and bladder molding, this facility enables us to offer globally competitive pricing.

Low Cost Manufacturing

Roll Wrapping

Our SLC facility has all the equipment for roll wrapping specialty tubes for projects requiring rapid response times or unique engineering requirements, such as thick walled tubes. With an CNC prepreg cutting, extensive mandrel selection, cello wrapping, mandrel extraction machines and more, here's the place to get your custom order done right.


Precision Structures

Our San Diego facility and team specializes in projects with strict engineering requirements. With an agile manufacturing team and engineers experienced with the demanding requirements of space and aerospace programs, this is the place for building structures that demand tight tolerances and high performance results. Whether it's high-speed broadband antennas, truss structures, reflectors, or near zero CTE structures, we can build it here.

Precision Structures


Our Salt Lake City facility is our warehouse and distribution center for all our online products. Our customer service, production, and shipping teams are all under one roof, which helps us keep your order going out the door quickly and accurately.


Multidisciplinary Projects

We let the experts do their thing. Our team works across facilities to make sure programs are executed in a timely and cost effective manner using the right people for the right part of the job. For example, we've had programs with low CTE and extremely tight structural requirements. Our San Diego engineers designed the structure and incorporated several products from our Utah store. Our manufacturing team back in San Diego constructed the final product using both off-the-shelf and custom solutions. This enabled lower cost and faster delivery for a customer who could not afford aerospace prime pricing. This was not an exception. It's how we model our business.

Multidisciplinary Projects


While you can read about the individual locations to learn more about the equipment at each location, here is a top-level view of the types of manufacturing equipment we utilize across our facilities. You can view more detailed lists on the individual facility pages.

  • Prepreg cutting tables
  • Roll wrapping tables
  • Vacuum tables
  • Infusion tables
  • Curing tables
  • Cello wrappers
  • Curing ovens
  • Hydraulic mandrel extractors
  • Filament winders
  • Centerless Grinders
  • Centerless Sanders
  • Cut-off saws
  • Autoclave
  • CNC Machines
  • Lathes
  • Mills
  • Precision grinding equipment
  • Molding presses
  • Precision inspection
  • Testing equipment
  • Spray booths
  • Dust collection booth
  • Grinding booths
  • Environmental chambers
  • Walk-in freezers