Custom Tubes

Custom Tubes

THE Composite tube experts ◾ 3000+ mandrels in stock ◾ Round or shaped cross-sectionals

Our lead staff has been designing and building composite tubing for 25+ years … that’s a lot of tubes! We build over 12,000+ tubes every year and are growing. Plus we have more than 20+ materials in house/in stock to choose from and combinations thereof. Since we have over 3,000 mandrels in-house, we can often deliver products faster than our competitors.

We have so many processes available that we will find the best technique for your needs. Our recommendations are not constrained by limited production capabilities. Roll-wrapping, filament winding, bladder molding, and infusion to choose from. We have experience in sizes ranging from ¼” up to 10”+. And we produce tubes with cross-sectional shapes, like square, rectangular, oval, hexagonal, octagonal, and more.

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