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Welcome to Rock West Composites! We specialize in carbon fiber tubing, but we also design, manufacture and sell flat plates, sandwich structures, rods, bonded assemblies, angles, raw materials, and a large assortment of accessory items. And this is only a fraction of what we do, because if you can't find what you are looking for, we can make it for you.

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If you have something you need help with, click here to submit a request for custom quote or contact our Engineering Team at info@rockwestcomposites.com. Rock West Composites has added extensive capacity over the past year to help our customers with custom projects.  To read more about the details of that expansion, read the press release.  We’ve also updated our Custom Products section to better reflect our offerings.  And we provide a highlight of one of our customers HANS.  Read about the HANS Device and Rock West’s advanced capabilities


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