Stock Products

Stock Products

We maintain an inventory of tubing products in the most popular diameters and wall thicknesses.

Carbon Fiber Tubes, Rods, Plates, even Samples - all in stock and ready to ship! If you don't see the stock tube size you need, let us know.

Custom Products

Custom Products

From drawings to reality – in short order and at surprisingly great value.

Whether it's an odd shape tube, custom cut plate, high temperature, LOW CTE, thick wall, etc., let us provide a quote to make your unique requirement become a real product.

Custom Quote Builder

Use our online Custom Quote Builder so we can get an idea of what it is you want.

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50% Off - Blowout Filament Wound Tubes

  • 35033-01
    • Tube - Filament Wound - 2.000 x 2.125 x 13.360 Inch ($19.19)
  • 35033-02
    • Tube - Filament Wound - 2.000 x 2.125 x 14.360 Inch ($20.19)

Carbon / Kevlar® Hybrid Plates

We have taken two of the coolest materials and made it into one of the HOTTEST! We started with our carbon fiber / Dupont Red Kevlar® hybrid fabric, sandwiched a single ply of carbon fiber twill and infused some resin, and this is the result!

  • Incredible strength to weight ratio
  • Amazing impact resistance
  • Carbon core maintains stiffness
  • 3,650 MPa Tensile strength (Kevlar fiber alone)
  • Carbon / Kevlar woven 2x2 twill

25mm Tubing - Specially Engineered for Multi-Rotor Drone / UAV's

Let us help you build your drone 

  • Available in 2 wall thickness variations using High Modulus CF
  • Also available as a standard mod variant for the budget minded builder
  • Lighter weight, means longer flight times
  • Longer flight times = More fun and more opportunities
  • Don't miss our newly listed 1/2" (12.7mm) OD High Modulus fabric tube as well...What more can we add!? Let us know with an email
  • Lockheed Martin's VTOL project photos below... Click to view more details!
VTOL Project in Popular Mechanics VTOL Project on Our Facebook Page


Beautiful in Black

Meet Our Newest 1/4" All Fabric Plate!

  • Now serving Overkill in the form of 0.25" solid plate!
  • The thickest and stiffest plate yet (& yes we can make this in 4 x 10 foot sheets)
  • 3/8" coming next....
  • One side high gloss and one side matte for easy bonding
  • On top of it all, this plate is affordable!

Rubberized Tips Now Available

  • Co-molded internal zinc washer for high impacts and long life
  • So many possibilities, Trekking pole tips, Larping ram tips, Tri-Bi-MonoPod, really however you swing!

Simplify Your Design Easily & Affordably With Shock Cord!

Sandwich Panels - Yes, we can do other sizes, just ask!

We are currently building panels in a single format, however we can tailor this to your specific requirements! If you are interested please email us your requirements to

Adjustable variables include;

  • Length
  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Ply Count
  • Surface Finish

Custom Build Facts                   Serving Size - Under 14 lbs

4 Colors Kevlar/Carbon Hybrid Fabrics Now Available!

  • Need Strength? Stiffness? Get Both Now!!
  • Red Kevlar / Black Carbon
  • Blue Kevlar / Black Carbon
  • Orange Kevlar / Black Carbon
  • Yellow Kevlar / Black Carbon

Push Button Ratchet Joints Ready To Ship Today

  • Positive engaging (spring loaded) lock from ~0 degrees to a positive 198 or 216 degrees
  • Locks in ~18 degree increments
  • Through all hole (0.20") on each leg for added security or quick release from tubing if needed
  • Fits tubing with an OD ranging from 0.625" to 1.00" in outer diameters

We Sell Carbon Fiber Flat Plate

  • Structurally Impressive
  • Cosmetically Shocking
  • Two Color Options, More to Come
  • Woven Twill Construction
    • Aids In Machining
    • Traditional Carbon Fiber Look

Carbon Fiber Reinforced / PEEK 

Carbon Fiber Block (450mm x 450mm x 9.5mm-25mm)

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) thermoplastic matrix consolidated on a high strength continuous filament carbon fiber fabric. This FDA approved composite material is bio compatible and lends itself to the demanding environment required for surgical instrumentation and other medical applications.

Benefits include;

  • Radiolucent/X-Ray Transparent
  • Lightweight
  • High Strength and stiffness
  • Near zero CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion)
  • Solvent resistant
  • Dimensionally stable after repeated sterilizations
  • Machineable to complex parts such as nail guides, tools, etc.
  • Service temperature of over 250°C (500°F)
  • Click here to view for more details including strength and modulus data 



Raw 2 Reality Debuts

  • Calling all Designers and Builders! You are going to want to check this out!
  • Receive Major Discounts
  • Access to Our Marketing Channels (SEO, Paid & Organic)

Check Out Our Newest Dry Fabrics!!

  • Twill, Plain Weave, & Custom Weaves in various thicknesses

Aluminum Joints Now Available

  • 5 distinct size options to work with Rock West Tubing
  • Aluminum 335 - Most corrosive resistant alloy available
  • Can be used with patended set screw, or bonded for a permanent fit 
  • Various styles including 90's, T's, Flanges, Adjustable Elbows, and more
  • Drawings available upon request
  • Check out the Quick Summary PDF for easy shopping!


Quick Release Stainless Steel Ball Lock Pins 

  • Give your next product Edge with these engineered quick release pins - Perfect for telescoping tubing and quick breakdown of longer length poles
  • Combine our ferrules and tubing together to create that continuous extended length pole you have always wanted
  • Applications don't stop here.... 

Resin Systems & Accessories Now Shipping



Rectangular Tubing Introduced

  • 0.625 x 1.25 x 18 inch now available to ship!
  • Introducing a handful of new sizes so be sure to check back with us periodically
  • Reduce weight & increase stiffness in one direction

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap / Sticker Now Shipping!

  • Adhesive backed and lasts for years - Designed for outdoor use / Lasts even longer indoors
  • Easily applied to your electronic devices / cars or virtually anything else
  • Super Easy Application and Trimming / Leaves NO residue upon removal
  • Small Minimum Qty's!


  • Dozens of common sizes marked down 18% - 35% to reduce inventory
  • limited supply at these prices / Buy while they last

         Fabric                             Uni                         Filament Wound


       Adhesives                   Accessories


We have reduced the price on our ultra light weight adjustable trekking pole to help spur the urge in YOU! These poles extend from 31" - 50" can be used for so may things from tent supports / camera monopods and more!


Would you like a discount on all future orders? Please contact us for details regarding our Educational Discount!

Check out the video below to see a cool use of our Elite Pole system...


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