Stock Products

Stock Products

We maintain an inventory of tubing products in the most popular diameters and wall thicknesses.

Carbon Fiber Tubes, Rods, Plates, even Samples - all in stock and ready to ship! If you don't see the stock tube size you need, let us know.

Custom Products

Custom Products

From drawings to reality – in short order and at surprisingly great value.

Whether it's an odd shape tube, custom cut plate, high temperature, LOW CTE, thick wall, etc., let us provide a quote to make your unique requirement become a real product.

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Use our online Custom Quote Builder so we can get an idea of what it is you want.

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Customer Highlight - Representing The "801

WSD Custom Skis was born not out of necessity, but rather passion, glory and a wild drive for adrenaline... Rock West Team member and WSD Owner / Ski maker Howard Wu took advantage of Rock West's braided carbon fiber tape and topped it off with a screaming fruit print. No doubt our team members will be strapping some of these bad boys on and venturing out to the 7 world class ski resorts a mere 30 minutes away from our 80,000 sqft manufacturing facility. If you'd like to learn more check out our posts on Facebook or Instagram.


Fight Fire With Fire - Cut Carbon With Carbon

It stinks throwing machining tools away. Now avaialable are a full line of diamond coated abrasive machining tools specially designed for cutting and machining composite materials, be it Glass, Carbon or Aramid.

  • Up to 30x the tool life over carbide
  • Can use water during cutting but intended to be used dry
  • Designed specifically with composite machining in mind
  • Can be used for cutting other materials too

Saving Lives, Big Giant Whale Lives. 

We've recently teamed up with some great Non-Profits to develop a pole system with a few key elements in mind;

  • Keep it light (much lighter than the aluminum it replaces)
  • Enable easy field assembly / dis-assembly
  • Must be modular to allow for pole lengths from 6' up to 30'
  • Corrosion free in extreme environments (salt, ice, sun and more)
  • Click below to learn more...

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