Stock Products

Stock Products

We maintain an inventory of tubing products in the most popular diameters and wall thicknesses.

Carbon Fiber Tubes, Rods, Plates, even Samples - all in stock and ready to ship! If you don't see the stock tube size you need, let us know.

Custom Products

Custom Products

From drawings to reality – in short order and at surprisingly great value.

Whether it's an odd shape tube, custom cut plate, high temperature, LOW CTE, thick wall, etc., let us provide a quote to make your unique requirement become a real product.

Custom Quote Builder

Use our online Custom Quote Builder so we can get an idea of what it is you want.

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Machinable Carbon Fiber Billet / Block

Every now and then you just have to go over the top... And if you're lucky, over the top pays off in a whole bunch of Awesome...

Sleeves, Tapes & Fabrics...

Add a little more balance in your life (or layup) with QISO™ Brand Braided Triaxial Fabric! Our excitement didn't stop with this amazing dry fabric but rather goes even further with a full lineup of braided sleeves, flat braids (tapes), and all available in multiple sizes and material options! In stock and ready to ship! 

Full Format Fabric Braided Sock / Sleeve Braided Flat / Tape

Legal In All 50 States - Flax (Hemp) Bicycle Frame Tubing

We are currently in co-development of a very interesting product line... Introducing the first picture of Rock West's bicycle downtube! Yup, it is hemp through and through and is currently unavailable (emphasis on currently), however we are putting the feelers out there to see if anyone might be interested.

There is good probability that we will simultaneously manufacture flat plate stock using the same materials. Tell us how you would use it and cast your vote by clicking the image below! 

Timelapse Photography - The Upthink Lab

When weight and stiffness matters just combine Rock West Composite materials and a healthy dose of ingenuity and BAM! The Upthink Lab's Doug Urquart has developed one awesome time lapse photography rig. Not only is he using this to create stunning images turned 4k videos but he also shows curious folks how to do the same! Check out his build (in extremely great detail) on and his incredible work here

Tell us how you have combined our products and your skills! We would love to feature your project here. We make great products but are especially proud that you make our products even better!

Thanks for shopping at Rock West Composites!


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