Tiller Extensions & Spinnaker Poles

Choose Any Diameter ◾ Choose Any Length ◾ Tiller Extensions Have a Highly Durable, Textured Non-Slip Grip◾ Spinnaker Pole Tubes are Clear Coated for UV Protection

Carbon fiber tubes make the lightest, stiffest and most durable tiller extensions and spinnaker poles out there. Taking weight out of your spinnaker pole makes spinnaker sets, jibes and take downs dramatically easier. We have highly engineered carbon poles for all size boats. Use new or existing hardware and assemble your own pole – you’ll save hundreds! Our light weight carbon tiller extensions provide the most positive feel for your helm. And we offer adapter sleeves to marry our tubes with the standard rubber universal joints most commonly used. Finish it off with a stock end plug and you’re ready to go – at a fraction of the price of buying one already assembled from "Gucci Marine”!!