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Huge material selection ◾ Carbon fiber plates lengths of 6" up to 132" ◾ High performance sheets & low cost options available

We carry carbon fiber plates in fabric and unidirectional styles with multiple materials, finishes, and thicknesses. From straight carbon fiber sheets to hybrid composites, from veneers to plates nearly two inches thick, composites save significant weight over metal plates. Whether your project is big or small, we are bound to have a carbon fiber plate that suits your needs. We also offer machining services. Rock West Composites has the right plate for your needs. Contact us for a quote! To help you get started on your project right away, we are generally able to ship most of the products listed in our store within one business day.

Video - How Resin Infused Plates are Made

Frequently Asked Questions: Carbon Fiber Plates

Why are there so many kinds of carbon fiber plates?

Carbon fiber plates comes in so many variations to fit a wide range of applications. Standard carbon fiber plate is an excellent replacement for aluminum plates when you need something lightweight and strong. Unidirectional plate is extra stiff in one direction and high temp plate is good to 400°F+.

What do the different surface finishes mean?

The surface finish of carbon fiber plate is often the result of the manufacturing method. Our gloss plates are vacuum infused to get a perfect reflective surface. Peel ply and matte surfaces are ready for bonding without additional sanding. Satin finishes show off the carbon fiber without being too flashy.

Which carbon fiber sheet is the best for my project?

Carbon fiber plate comes in thicknesses from 0.010” (0.25mm) up to 1.00” (25.4mm) to fit nearly any application. Standard twill and plain weave plates are an excellent choice for replacing aluminum or steel. Veneer plate is good for getting the real carbon fiber look without adding much weight.

What about forged carbon fiber?

Forged carbon fiber is nickname for compression molded chopped fiber. Since the fiber goes in every direction the mechanical properties are equal in every direction (isotropic). We offer forged carbon fiber “chip board” that utilizes the same exact material as airplane and rocket manufacturers.

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