Tube - Hex - Fabric - 1.00 x 1.06 x 66 inch

Sku: 25599
Tube - Hex - Fabric - 1.00 x 1.06 x 66 inch
Sku: 25599
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  • 50+ $112.39

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Unlike metals which have similar properties in all directions (isotropic), the properties of composites are varying, dependent on the orientation of the fibers in each layer. 

Roll wrapped tubing is manufactured using multiple layers of pre-preg carbon fiber (and if noted, other) materials. In general each layer is about 0.006 inches thick which means that a tube with a wall thickness of 0.060 inches will typically be composed of 9-10 individual layers of carbon fiber. The number of layers(plys) allows us to vary the orientation of the fibers throughout the thickness, creating a high performance, engineered product.
  • Fabric Tubing has an outer ply of woven material (denoted below as 0°/90°). Typically this outer ply is a 2x2 twill weave (diagonal appearance seen below) but it can also be a plain weave (small checkerboard), spread tow (large format plain weave / checkerboard) or other off-axis weave such as a braid. The core of these tubes are almost always comprised of multi-directional "uni" plies.
  • Uni Tubing is comprised of multi-directional "uni" plies just like the fabric tubes however instead of the outer ply being fabric, it is unidirectional and most typically oriented at 0° (fibers running the length).
  • To learn about our Roll Wrapping Process click here.

*This diagram illustrates a "generic" layup. The SKU being viewed may not have the layup schedule shown in this diagram. To view this SKU's particular layup please check out the "LAYUP ORIENTATION" tab. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Application General Purpose
Materials Standard Modulus Carbon
Shaped ID 1 (Flat to Flat)
Shaped ID 2 (Flat to Flat)
Shaped OD 1 (Flat to Flat)
Shaped OD 2 (Flat to Flat)
Layup Orientation


SKU : 25599 Rev NC

Ply # Orientation Location
1 0 Inside
2 45
3 -45
4 0/90 Outside
  • 0° Fibers maximize bending stiffness. Consider bending the tube over your knee.
  • 45° Fibers maximize torsional stiffness. Typically plied together in an opposing manner, i.e. ±45°. Consider twisting the tube like a vehicle's driveshaft.
  • 90° Fibers maximize crushing stiffness and generally assist in overall tube strength. Consider laying the tube on the ground and stepping on it.
Technical Data

Radius of Tubing

The inner and external corner radii are measured by hand with a radius gauge with no tolerance called out.

  • Internal Radius: 1/16”
  • External Radius: 7/32”.

We cannot supply theoretical values for this tube at this time. For specification sheets and other data we can supply please review our Technical Spec page.



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