Bicycle Carbon Frame Tubing

Bicycle Carbon Frame Tubing

Huge selection of bike frame ◾ Engineered layups ◾ Common bike industry diameters ◾ Molded aero carbon fiber tubes

Whether you're building a one-off carbon fiber custom bike, carbon fiber road bike, or running production quantities, we have you covered. With almost everything you need, from finished carbon fiber tubes to raw materials for joining carbon tubes, we'll help you get your project off on the ground. NOTE: We love carbon bikes and have a team of enthusiasts who enjoy riding.; however, we are not able to teach you how to build them. But we are great builders of bike frame tubes, parts, and carbon fiber materials, and we pride ourselves on quality, variety, and quantity for when your need goes beyond prototyping. If there is a standard diameter that seems to be missing, please let us know. We are eager to add more! See all bicycle-specific tubing parts in on single sheet: Bicycle Tubing Table.

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